23 Oct 2010

19 Oct 2010

Nutmeat Studios - Alternate Logo

An alternate version, not sure which I want to go with.

Nutmeat Studios - New Company Logo

The Terrifying Dung Beetle

First attempt at cleaning the lad up.
Face is wrong, impossible to rotate without cheating.
I'm happy with the bus like shell though.

Development sketches

A collection of some sketches, I really have to throw away the others they are gawwwwd-awful.

14 Oct 2010

Le-Le - Designed by Luke Allen

Sexy or cute?
Both in equal amounts hopefully.

A new reader!

Apparently my brother has given me a new blog reader .. that makes a total of 1.
So I guess I should start posting again.

Been a hectic last couple of months producing 5 PSA videos within 25 days (minus 7 days for chinese national holidays)

Here is a still from my favorite one..