20 Apr 2010

Commercial job - girly

girl character for a sex toy commercial.
shes pretty boring.

19 Apr 2010

Caricature for a friend

2 hrs from scratch (above). This was inked in Flash CS3 (CS4 is awful).
Final piece will be inked by hand.
Hopefully I can find some fine black lace fabric for the top and stockings.

Roughly an hour later (below), doesnt look much different, but there is always a lot of cleaning to do on the lines.
Another half hour later (below), nice and clean with decent-ish line weights.
Any advice is appreciated.

17 Apr 2010

Kate Hou Caricature

Finally, ive drawn Kate well.. that right foot is going to be hard to draw though.

Second pencil drawing to tighten up form & choose lines.
Not happy with this one, now that I can see them next to each other.. the lips are wrong, the curve of the front leg isnt sexy anymore and the eyes stare. Perhaps the added arm/hand needs to be re-positioned, i feel uncomfortable looking at it.

15 Apr 2010

Learning english..

 I wouldn't want to be this girl's next boyfriend.

6 Apr 2010

Shanghai Sketch Jam #1

Last saturday I went to the first official sketch jam here in SH.
We had lunch and coffee and done some drawing, met some very interesting people there.
Heres some photos from the event.