25 Mar 2010

Crocodile vibrator

More commercial work from my current animation job.
This is for a new range of sex toys, shaped like animals.
This was illustrated with Flash CS3.
 I love the shape and color of this crocodile one.
I will post the animation when its finished on Friday.

Here are the others:

Helen's work

After just a few lessons, this is one of my student's work. I'm hoping to get them trained up before I start my new director job on the animated show.

Helen was/is a student at the China Art University (based in Zhangjiang), she studies Fine Art and she applied to learn animation when I visited the University last year.
I think she has come a long long way, and hopefully these lessons have informed her fine art work.

This is a drawing from the first lesson:
This is a drawing from the latest lesson:

14 Mar 2010

Dirty wallpaper

Repeatable erotic wallpaper that I designed.. I think it'd fit in Austin Powers bedroom pretty well.