19 Jan 2010

My Personal Projects

New projects that im doing:

DIY Vinyl Toy design - Toy Design Startup

I am starting this toy design company with my girlfriend Jane.
We have designed a DIY toy, and will get about 50 made, after which I will set up a simple website to see everyone's creations and buy a DIY toy for yourself.
Hopefully my simple marketing plan will take off. Perhaps I will have a design competition later on.
(TARGET: March 2010)

Darwin Beardsmoke - Short Film

This is a short film project that I am making with my friend Ross Densley and brother Guy Davis.
We are now into the storyboarding stage, and will have an animatic created soon feturing the voice talents of Guy and Ross!
The film will be roughly 5 mins and animated in Flash by myself and my chinese art students here.
(TARGET: Dec 2010)

Nudy Nutmeat Store - Personal design store

I designed Nudy before I came to China as a side project, but I rediscovered him the other day and really like him. I may make a few 15 sec shorts, and open a little online store to sell t-shirts and stickers.
(TARGET: May 2010)

The Legend Of Bruise - Short Film
Another short film project that I started working on before I came to China.
Written by myself and Ross, its a story about a guy named Bruise, who lives an extraordinary life in Downend, Bristol. Based on a real friend of ours.
We are still deciding what medium to produce it in, 2d flash animation or live action.
(TARGET: Dec 2010)

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