26 Dec 2009

My Catspoon

The pottery that Jane and I painted at SC Pottery (HZ) arrived this morning.
I dont have a digital camera here now, but ive taken a photo of my catspoon using my macbook pro webcam.
I'll have better photos soon.

25 Dec 2009

Recommended DVDs

As the sales will be on soon, I wanted to make a list of DVDs I would recommend buying/renting.
Living in China, ive had the privilege of being able to watch just about everything for very VERY cheap.
So I can afford to wade through shit, now and then finding a gem that you SHOULD own.
Here goes... in a rough order of importance! (Click the post title to read this post)

21 Dec 2009

Hangzhou Trip - December 2009 (Part 1)

Jane and I have just come back from a mini holiday in Hangzhou. 
After Jane's exam on Saturday morning, we rushed to get the high-speed train from S. Shanghai Railway Station.
After checking into the hotel (SSAW - very good), we went for a walk down to the West Lake.. on the way, we found a pick 'n' mix shop and a fantastic pottery shop called SC POTTERY. (link)
SC Pottery is run by a guy who has won lots of awards from around the world for his Pottery design/painting. The idea of the shop is that the customer chooses a piece of white unfinished pottery, and uses the professional pottery paints to customize each piece...


Xmas Bowl Design

This is my design for a one-off hand painted ceramic bowl!.. starring:
Jane - Mince Pie Eater
Luke - Oaf Who Is Plonked On The Head
Ami - Rudolf
Baxter - Father Christmas

more images to come soon...

8 Dec 2009

What have I been up to since my last post..

What have I been up to since my last post.. a brief roundup:

Took the position as Producer on Kung Fu Dragon (Season 3)
For the last couple of months ive been working as Producer on the development of Kung Fu Dragon season 3. We are 2 weeks away from storyboarding the pilot episode, just waiting on the pilot script to be checked and approved by Walt.D!
Enjoying the new challenge and experience as Producer, hopefully it will bring me good opportunities in the future, either working for a studio - or setting up my own.

Moved apartment
Ive just moved apartment, approx 15mins walk from my old place, but now im much closer to the train station. My cats, Baxter and Ami both love it here and they even have their own balcony room (during winter!). Im now on the 25th floor, so I have loads of sunlight all day and a great view of Jing An temple.

Began tutoring 4 art students from Zhangjiang Art College
I've started teaching 4 art students, Animation! They are currently copying Preston Blair's characters.. and doing a damn good job.
I am training them ready for production on Ross, Guy and my pilot short film.. and hopefully, will be the first 4 employees of my own studio.

Completed the pilot script with Ross and Guy
After 9 drafts, we have reached a solid script for the pilot epsiode. We are in talks with Stephen Tobolowsky to voice the main 2 characters.. now its up to me to create some visuals to insert into the script.