8 Nov 2009

Doritos Commercial - Crash The Superbowl 2009

This year me and a few friends entered the Doritos - Crash The Superbowl competition.
Top prize is $1M .. each commercial must be 30 seconds.

Joe Tian (a colleague) and I came up with this idea:

A fat guy is sat watching TV, when he realizes that the last dorito has vanished out of the bag.
He looks around and then remembers that there is a spider in the corner.. as he expects, the spider has stolen the dorito and has it in his web.
The problem is - the spider web is far too high to reach.
The guy sees Jackie Chan run up a wall (Rush Hour 1) and is inspired to try it.
He takes a run up and his slipper 'slips' on the wall and he hits his face.
Attempt 2: He runs but slips on a banana skin and ends up front rolling out of the door and down the stairs.
Attempt 3: He uses a broom to pole vault up, it works but he just misses the dorito.
He crashes onto the floor.
The impact shakes the room and the dorito fortunately drops onto his fat belly.
He is amazed by his luck, but when he goes to bite the dorito.. he realizes that he has lost all his teeth.
Instead, he experiments with licking the Dorito - and ITS DELICIOUS!
The End.

The shoot - WAS TORTUROUS!
Our primary (and only) location was locked by its rightful owner.. and we were forced to rewrite the commercial for a new location.
We ended up starting shooting at 11pm and finishing at 5.30am !!
Words cannot describe how fed up we were by the end of it.

The edit - DIFFICULT
After cutting the 2nd attempt completely out of the first rough edit, the length of the video was - 1 min 10 secs!
I again worked through the night to cut it down to 30 secs.. whilst still maintaining some plot.
Spent a fair few hours color correcting, and doing Omni/Spotlighting in Premiere.

Overall, after the sound was added - I was pretty happy with it.

Budget - 500 RMB / £50 / $70

Here it is!

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