15 Sep 2009

New Tucker design

Think this is my favorite to date, exciting form to animate.
Guy and Ross lets get going on it..

T-shirt layout

Revised layout of Beardsmoke and Tucker on a white t-shirt.

10 Sep 2009

New t-shirt coming..

I'm illustrating this design- or something similar, getting it printed and selling it.. to go towards the production cost of the Beardsmoke pilot.
Would you prefer this design.. or Beardsmoke on the lizard's back?

Tucker the tuck dragon

You'd better be tucked the fuck in when Tucker the tuck dragon comes a-knocking.

Preston Blair animation lesson #1

My first attempt at copying from the Preston Blair book.
Pretty bad, might be better if my sketch was bigger and I wasnt using a blunt pencil.
Excuses, excuses.
Conclusion - epic fail

Beardsmoke design update

Updated Beardsmoke design, cant wait to figure out his body shape.
Think he is getting some nicer form now.

9 Sep 2009

New Beardsmoke - face on, head and shoulders

Starbucks sketch of Beardsmoke.. form is getting better. The simple beard is better too (I think).
Brian Blessed, please do the voice for him!
What can the Beardsmoke catchphrase be?...

8 Sep 2009

The Beast emerging from a comic

Copyright - Beardsmoke Productions & Luke Allen 2009

Beardsmoke Productions logo

Starting a new production company with Ross Densley and my brother Guy Davis called Beardsmoke Productions.
Here is the logo - designed by Guy Davis.

7 Sep 2009

MGM lion colour test

Colour test for an MGM animation with a lion.
The animation will be projected on the MGM casino building in HK on the 20th.
Yes, the lion will do the MGM roar.


Havent eaten chocolate for months (because all the chocolate out here in China tastes like shit) .. but in preparation for Guy's arrival I managed to find some Cadbury's proper chocolate, plus Guy brought some Malteasers and Fry's Turkish Delight.. and now I can officially state that I am on a CHOCOLATE RAMPAGE. Almost had two Turkish Delight bars in a row, but sanity prevailed.

Darwin & Kevin

New characters from my upcoming short film, being written by Ross Densley, Guy Davis and myself.
Copyright - Luke Allen 2009

Kevin the lizard - Work in progress

New character that Guy and I developed over a meal.
A lizard butler who wears a tux.
Other arm will be holding his top hat, update coming soon.
Copyright - Luke Allen 2009

More photos from Guy's trip to China