27 Jul 2009

The BEAST - pencil sketch with the HERO

Latest design for the BEAST, plus a size comparison with the HERO.
About to get messy and make a clay model of him.
Last model I made was Thin Glynn way back in 2005?.. I remember Garth getting excited about it - I had no idea about vinyl toys at that time. (Think I still have it at home somewhere)

Drunk sketch of the BEAST (personal project)

Drew this at Yeeha bar in Jing'An last night. This was whilst having my last beer of the night, I might clean it up and see how the construction looks. Pretty happy when I found it this morning.

No idea why he's speaking spanish.

Chinese couple - colored

By the way, I hate this design.. but this is what is popular in China for whatever reason... blindness?
My drawing style is too "westernize" for the minds of china.

Chinese people

My caricature of a typical chinese couple - based on my time in Shanghai. This is for a new pitch about relationship troubles between chinese people.

For Jane

A gift for my girlfriend - Jane.
This is her doing her Jazz dancing class at the gym.
I'm cleaning and coloring this at the moment, ill get it printed and framed sometime.

Frenchie hero

Drew this last night at Yeeha - I was drinking a fair bit because I have terrible sunburn and need some numbing to get to sleep. The result was some good (and BAD) sketches whiclst I had my fish and chips.

24 Jul 2009

Design for a hero

What nationality do you think he is?

I'm leaning towards French at the moment - and yes he is meant to look like a smelly douche.
Can't post much more info on him because this is a show im developing with a big animation company. More info in Oct probably (HOPEFULLY).

22 Jul 2009

It's been a while, just bought a freedur subscription, how did I live without it?.. anyway here is a new design I sketched today.

Japanese fangirl goes wild seeing Harry Potter (aka Douchebag Radcliffe)

Daniel Radcliffe proves to me again what an epic douche he really is.

He is very kind to the girl, but HE just reminds me of the rich twat at school who lived in a bubble, and had annoying hair.

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