18 May 2009

Blogs blocked

I wont be able to update so often ovr the next month because of the damn internet cops here in China blocking all access to blogs - REGARDLESS of content.
The reason for the block - is the 60th year celebration of the PRC, and apparently that means that nobody is allowed to focus on anything else.. including the 20th anniversary of the Tienanmen Sq. events (June 4th).

I didn't manage to meet up with Raymond Choy when he was in Shanghai. But I have sent him my Lobster Qee design and he is considering it for one of the next two series coming out.

14 May 2009

Finished Lobster Qee painting

Finally got the painting done.. and deleted all the spiky stuffs right at the end.. I think its better for it. Plus added some wavy white lines to make those areas more interesting and water-like.
Considering changing the apron image to a muscular human body.. like those barbeque aprons that are so popular.
Any suggestions for the apron?

13 May 2009

Lobster Qee - continued cleanup in Flash

Wot think?!
Im showing this to Raymond Choy on thursday night. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lobster Qee cleanup in Flash

11 May 2009

WTF - El Raton Ratero!

Anyone care to help me understand this?

6 May 2009

Experience the Enterprise

Amazing plugin that allows you to explore the enterprise by holding a piece of paper in front of your webcam.. please just try it.


Also, another piece of gold : Man gets raped by a Donkey - http://you.joy.cn/Video/55180.htm

3 May 2009

Lobster Qee v.1.1

Rat Rider design

Quick sketch of an idea I'm developing with my friend at Tooncool. Maybe the best inking ive done to date, although the mouth is all kinds of f'kd up.

New 8" Qee DIY Design

Trying to decide what to do on my DIY 8" Qee.
Ive come up with this lobster design, but I also have a sweetcorn one that I'm still waiting to paint.
Please comment, which you'd prefer to see painted.