28 Apr 2009

A Quick Trip To CCAIF Hangzhou

Just got back from a surprise trip to Hangzhou.
On Monday morning, I got my laptop out and started reading my email, then my boss comes to me and says - Luke pack your things we are going to Hangzhou in 15 mins.
Hangzhou is a 2-3 hr journey by car, so I said that I need to get my toothbrush and clothes and money.. but he insisted that we can buy it all there.
So Monday and Tuesday were spent in Hangzhou - a beautiful city that holds an annual CCAIF China Cartoon & Animation International Festival.
The festival itself is held in a bizarre theme park, which appears to be half finished. It has a strange hotel called "1st International Hotel" that is built around a domed garden with parrots and an empty swimming pool. The dome itself is awful looking, with the roof supported by a mishmash of I beams that take up a lot of space.
The festival/exhibition was very busy, and far different than I expected after Filmart. This seems to be more focused on the fanboy/girl consumer who lives in Hangzhou, with hundreds of toys and clothes on sale.
Fortunately, I did meet a few interesting people, two of which are art teachers at a university in the north east of China. Incredible talent. I paid £5 to have my caricature drawn on a plate (strange choice I know).

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