30 Apr 2009

Photos from CCAIF Festival 2009

David Bowie - LabyrinthFor Ben3D Photo viewerLook out for the peeping tomCao ni ma (means "Alpaca" and "F**k your mother")Argh.. one leg - yuk!
My bed
Pig shape steambread with sweet filling
Bill nomming on some hotpot

28 Apr 2009

A Quick Trip To CCAIF Hangzhou

Just got back from a surprise trip to Hangzhou.
On Monday morning, I got my laptop out and started reading my email, then my boss comes to me and says - Luke pack your things we are going to Hangzhou in 15 mins.
Hangzhou is a 2-3 hr journey by car, so I said that I need to get my toothbrush and clothes and money.. but he insisted that we can buy it all there.
So Monday and Tuesday were spent in Hangzhou - a beautiful city that holds an annual CCAIF China Cartoon & Animation International Festival.
The festival itself is held in a bizarre theme park, which appears to be half finished. It has a strange hotel called "1st International Hotel" that is built around a domed garden with parrots and an empty swimming pool. The dome itself is awful looking, with the roof supported by a mishmash of I beams that take up a lot of space.
The festival/exhibition was very busy, and far different than I expected after Filmart. This seems to be more focused on the fanboy/girl consumer who lives in Hangzhou, with hundreds of toys and clothes on sale.
Fortunately, I did meet a few interesting people, two of which are art teachers at a university in the north east of China. Incredible talent. I paid £5 to have my caricature drawn on a plate (strange choice I know).

22 Apr 2009

Rooster rider design

First sketch for my own proposal (ace in the hole) that i'm working on in my free time here.
Thats a screwdriver lance attached to the rooster.

16 Apr 2009

Trip to Windows Too

Just got back from having dinner at a restaurant/bar near mine called Windows Too.
Whilst I was working on my laptop, 2 chinese guys came over to use the table, got talking to one of them.. now im booked in for a free Kung-Fu lesson on Sunday.. does it get any more cliché?

Roid's Gym - New T-shirt

New T-shirt for sale at my spreadshirt store (link on the right)
Features Jimmy in his bionic-hero suit... roided!

15 Apr 2009

Cyberdyne suit for sale - Only $4200!

This bionic suit is available now for $1000 per month or $4200 to buy.
The suit will make you 10x stronger.
[via Gizmodo via BotJunkie via DVice]

Nudy Nutmeat - Listening to a record

This is an image I created for a T-shirt a while back (advertised in the right hand column).
The character is an alien who is in line for the throne, and has come to Earth to find himself a girl to make his Queen.
Not sure if he, or the series will ever progress further than its present state, but i'd love to animate him one day.
If anyone can think up a better story for him, please feel free to email me or leave a comment (which is now working).

14 Apr 2009

The Chip presentation artwork - Jimmy punches a chef

Jimmy punches the head chef so hard that his chip is knocked loose, freeing him from the mind control. I messed up big time on this one, totally forgot to give the chef some cool bionics - so i just painted his hands like metal - LAME!

13 Apr 2009

Cool Bionics

The Japanese, again showing us how to design technology well.


Here is one of my t-shirt designs in the flesh, this and many others are available in my spreadshirt shop. The link is permanently on the right hand column and below.

The Tooncool Attack Team (Creative Team)

Top Left - Joe Tian (Writer)
Top Middle - Luke Allen (Producer, Art Director)
Top Right - Cucumber (Director)
Middle - Ken Wang (Manager, Owner)
Bottom Left - Alex Lee (3G Media)

The Chip presentation artwork - Jimmy the thief

Jimmy steals the suit from Hector.. and becomes....... oiled!

10 Apr 2009

Shanghai Flower Show

Last weekend, Jane and I visited the Shanghai Flower Exhibition.
The actual exhibition was terrible, and trampled by the 1000's of visitors from the previous two days. A nice bonsai tree - entered into the annual competition.The park that it was held in however, was very nice and featured a very large indoor forest with a good variety of plants and trees. The only thing I felt missing was birds and fish, but I guess that visitors from some parts of China may look on them as a tasty snack.This is a plant that we were given for free.. once we left the exhibition, we went to a mall (where I bought the Qee) and there must have been 5 people who asked about the plant's name and where we bought it.

Dumb bionics

You could at least tuck your tie in!

The Chip presentation artwork - Pip goes full retard!

Pip Largeass, goes full retard when his mind is taken control of by an evil inventor. Complete with hammer hand and Bosch saw!

8 Apr 2009

The Chip presentation artwork - Jimmy falls in love

Jimmy discovers the Bionic-Hero suit that Hector had hidden under a blanket... and falls in love.

6 Apr 2009

Doodle - Jane

Quick biro doodle of my girlfriend - Jane.. drew it to practice and improve my line weights.
I'm going to ink it and colour it when I get my pens sent over to me.
I'll also change the pose of the right arm so that she is framing her face.
Jane didn't like the shape of the face, but its not meant to be a life drawing.

The Qee

Finally got me hands on a WHITE DIY Qee.. in Shanghai of all places!
Gonna start designing it soon.. ill keep its progress updated on here.
Jane bought a baby glow-in-the-dark one too.

The Umbrella

4 Apr 2009

The Phones

This is a HK taxi driver's dashboard, he had 5 or 6 phones mounted around the dash. You can see 4 obstructing his view... forwards.

3 Apr 2009

The Leg Up

Why is this leg-up pose so popular at baggage collection?
Has anyone personally taken part in this.. or seen it themselves? I know ive done it, my dad has done it and this guy is all over it.

Also.. hands on hips seems the way to go for these 3.

The Chip character design - JIMMY

This is the main character of the story, Jimmy Nutmeat. He has grand plans to become a professional wrestler. If you squeeze him he makes the same noise as a dog toy - SQUEAAK!
He is based on my old friend Ben Doyle, whose nickname was imaginatively 'Doyle'. However I changed it to Jimmy because it sounds better.

Jimmy Nutmeat = Win
Doyle Nutmeat = Fail
The real Ben Doyle

The Chip character design - EVANS

Here is the other nerd friend of Jimmy's called Evans who is a big fan of wrestling. This guy is based on an old friend called Chris Evans who was an avid F1 fan.
The real Chris Evans

2 Apr 2009

The Chip character design - PIP

This is PIP, one of Jimmy's friends from school. Named after my good friend Mr. Metcalf ( pictured below)