12 Mar 2009

March Madness

The past few weeks have been ridiculously busy so I havent had much time to post on here.
The leaflets have been printed now, but I had to redesign the DVD cover.. which I found out wasnt the paper envelope that I was told to design.. instead it was the print to go on the disc. Great!
So here is the final one.. which luckily was easy to adapt because I made the ladybird circular. Perhaps I had some premonition about it being the DVD and not the envelope.
Im now on to redesigning the Tooncool website, which I insisted must be done before I go trotting off to HK. Not really sure what direction to go with it, but Im thinking of photoshopping some photos .. first of which would be a ladybird.
Outside of work, ive not been doing much really.. buying countless numbers of DVDs, usually watching one a day.
Most recent purchases are:
Rachel Getting Married (GDFR)
Eden Lake
Let The Right One In (Cant recommend this highly enough! See it in UK cinemas soon!)
Frozen River

If anyone knows any celebrity tv shows where they have to do exercise (gym, sports etc) please let me know in the Cbox or in the comments.
Also, if you know any that involve charity (apart from Children In Need) again please comment.

A few fun pictures I took with my DSi (plug plug plug)..

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Guy said...

Thanks for the plug, you watched it yet? (RGM)