29 Mar 2009

Filmart 2009

Got back from Hong Kong a few days ago after spending 5 days there for the Filmart exhibition.

First day - Woke up at 4.30am took the Shanghai Maglev from Longyang road to Pudong airport, the first time ive taken the Maglev and my only thoughts on it are expensive/fast/bumpy/quiet.
The flight to HK is only around 2hrs, but I had some little girl sat behind me, throwing her orange juice around.. shortly followed by a prompt shouting/beating by her father, great way to start the day.
Hanjing (the marketing manager from Tooncool) who travelled with me bought the airport express train tickets, and then couldnt keep up with my sprint for the closing doors and got her bag stuck in the doors. The hotel was terrible, the pretty check-in girl couldnt understand our request.. and to my horror I noticed she had goblin hands (very stubby fingers and thumbs that are only about an inch long), which of course I couldnt take my eyes off.
We visited our booth at Filmart and got our passes ready for the next day. I was happy with our booth design, and the way that my posters had been printed.
Rico tested the (standard issue 1996) DVD player and after putting our DVD in, placed it vertically .. causing our DVD to fall into the void of the player's body. O _ OThat night, we went for fish balls and fish noodles in a beautifully grimey, low ceiling, plastic chair, incandescent buzzing, chungking-esque restaurant - great food.
Rico, Justin (from another animation company), Hanjing and me then took a taxi to the harbour area and crossed to Kowloon on the ferry - a heady mix of sea water, diesel fumes and the rush to shoot HK from every possible angle.
Walked along the front, saw a Bruce Lee statue and ended up in the first bar we could find. Was told a funny story by Rico about some dirty Italians who stayed at a uni dorm/hostel and proceeded to take a shite on the hob and leave it cooking.

Day 2 - First day at the exhibition, lots of interest from buyers (mainly from asia.. myanmar, thailand, indonesia).
Had a walk around when I got the chance, and met Mercedes Milligan who works for Animation Magazine.. invited her to see my company's works, but on arrival she instead got stolen by Justin who then showed her what must have been 3 entire episodes of some boring French shit.. I could see the will to live gradually fading as he cued episode after episode.

Also met Claire Bell who was there researching Chinese Animation for an investment firm from the UK, had a big chat but I had to leave early to go have dinner with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (waawaaweewaa) at an amazing restaurant hidden at the back of a fish market. Incredible meal with some really interesting and powerful folk.

Day 3 - Second day at the exhibition, continued interest.. met Veronika Kryzhna who is a film producer in the Ukraine. She told me an interesting fact - The Ukrainian prime minister wrote the film they were selling, and his next piece will be an animated feature.. sounds like the Kim Jong Il II creative outbursts.
That night I bought some cosmetics that Jane had requested, and had a poke around HK, ending up in my room watching Discovery channel.

Day 4 - Felt absolutely terrible in the morning, had contracts to sign and people to meet but I really just wanted to climb inside the exhibition booth wall, curl up and die. Decided to go home, but toughed it out by downing 2 cans of Coke (while sprawled out in the lounge area, with the ill sweats). Later, went over and bored Mercedes with my chit chat.
That night, done a bit more shopping and then went back to my room and watched TV and played on my DSi (game: My Chinese Coach)

Day 5 - Feeling much better, making sure I stayed on the Coke.. after one of the clients I was meant to sign with couldnt attend, we packed up and went to Ocean Park for the day (a kinda drab SeaWorld).
Rollercoaster rides were just painful.. but I did see my first real life Pandas, one of whom performed quite well for the visitors.. eating some leaves and ripping some brown paper (inducing whoops and awwwwwws from the american guests present)

Flew back that night, bought myself some SHURE earphones (amazing) and Emporio Armani earrings and ring.. and some other cosmetics stuff for Jane. HK airport is incredible for shopping.

A great trip.. I like HK sights and people (except the boys/girls -abroad who think they are experiencing ASIA!!! by shuffling between the irish pubs and thai brothels).


Anonymous said...

Great post. enjoyable reading.
sounds like you managed to enjoy the city as well as secure some buisness. has orange become the defacto colour of your company then?
i like the chungking express shot from inside the cab. any chance of a photo of the armani earings and ring? sounds cool.
in terms of design advice - may be interesting to have some interaction on the website like your old one. be able to move objects around on screen rather then having flat/static images
that dont grab attention or come across as 'dry'. keep it up m8 and speak soon,


Anonymous said...

tht seafood shop looked a bit dodgy.
no wonder you werent feelin too good!!

really like the website design!
were they pleased with it?

say hi to jane for me!! :)
love chelsea xxxx