28 Feb 2009

Valentines Day in Xi Tang

For valentines day, Jane and I visited Xi Tang, a small traditional town about an hour outside Shanghai (where they filmed the opening of MI3).
Luckily the weather was great for the two days there, we're planning on visiting again soon.
If you ever visit Shanghai.. definitely take a couple of days to visit Xi Tang.

Looking through a nice dirty window at the red lamps.

Jane posing by the red lamps - this is the best restaurant in Xi Tang.

Night view of Xi Tang's most popular bit of canal.

Make a wish candle boats. Very nicely made.

Our wish boats on their voyage.

Jane on the steps leading down into the canal.

Yours truly clearly enjoying a bit of fireworks, about a second after this photo the fireworks went out due to my frantic waving for the photo.

An incredible painting in a popular bar in Xi Tang.

Xi Tang resident washing his.. green thing.

Jane playing with some mini pumpkins.

Scooter man pouting like a douche.

Xi Tang girl nomming on some beans.. disgusting taste by the way.

Bridge statue helping hold up a tree.

Duck boat

Xi Tang arcade.


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Lol, arcade.
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