20 Feb 2009

Noodles vs Noodles film poster

Here is my second poster for the Hong Kong Filmart exhibition in March.
This poster is for a series called 'Noodles vs Noodles' which was a huge success for Tooncool.
The series was animated by Tooncool's Guangzhou branch, and directed by Leo Huang.
I have redesigned the characters slightly, to make them more eye catching to the passerby, and also to fit in with the mock hollywood designs I am basing them on.
This poster is loosely based on the 'Shaolin Soccer' poster/dvd cover.

This is a still from the animated series, I have nothing against their design, in fact I think its the best series/design that Tooncool has produced to date.

This is my initial layout for the poster.

This is the girl outlined.

This is the final design (with mock reviews to add soon)

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Guy said...

Love the poster and like what you are doing with the designs of tooncools characters.