26 Feb 2009

New Killy drawings

Here is Killy again, this time he is on a pottery painting date with the girl and Hank (below).. this date activity was chosen by Hank because of the obvious difficulties Killy will face.

This is Hank, big chisel jaw douchebag, who is chasing the same girl as Killy. However Hank is instead chasing her for the money in her bank.SPOILER ALERT: This is the burly stunt pig who was Matt Damon's stunt double in The 'Bourne' trilogy. The girl that Killy and Hank chase for the entire series finally falls in love with this pig. Killy and Hank then work together to get rid of him.. I might let Killy cook him, and then serve him to the girl, Hank and himself for dinner. Ala South Park when Cartman cooks some boy's parents into a chili and feeds them to him.

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

And I can't help but wonder of what shade the pig's nipples will be once in colour.

Wicked story tho, haha :P