8 Feb 2009

The Diesel

Just a quick post to tell you a few small things that have happened.

The other day on the tube I was sitting downwind from a man whose breath smelled like diesel.
Jane broke some earrings in the Quicksilver shop and put them back on display before the assistants realized.
I played basketball with some friends, I arrived late so I was thrown into a game without having touched ball for a few years. First 3 shots were airballs, but I got my game back after that. Also got tripped up and hurt my knee.
Went to a very cosy little cafe to have a coffee and eat the handmade chocolates Jane and I had bought. Found out that there is a fine for not finishing your meal! Madness.
Finished season 4 of 'The Wire'. If you want to get your teeth into an amazing bit of drama, buy the 5 seasons of The Wire! Unforgettable characters, masterful screenwriting, a series that you never want to end.
Got partially deafened by a bottle of Coke's opening hiss.
Picked up my Lomo Smena 8M's latest black and white film prints. Some nice shots from Amsterdam, Shanghai and Nanjing.
Watched 'The Fall' (for the second time), 'Recount', 'Transsiberian' and 'Hotrod'.
Made a faux pas in a client meeting the other day, by being too creative.
Had an enjoyable 4 way conversation on Skype (despite being at 3am).
Read The Deadender's latest couple of pieces about firsts and the heavy snow in the uk.

Please also take a look at my brother's film review blog (imaginatively titled) - Guy Davis Film Review

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