28 Feb 2009

Valentines Day in Xi Tang

For valentines day, Jane and I visited Xi Tang, a small traditional town about an hour outside Shanghai (where they filmed the opening of MI3).
Luckily the weather was great for the two days there, we're planning on visiting again soon.
If you ever visit Shanghai.. definitely take a couple of days to visit Xi Tang.

Looking through a nice dirty window at the red lamps.

Jane posing by the red lamps - this is the best restaurant in Xi Tang.

Night view of Xi Tang's most popular bit of canal.

Make a wish candle boats. Very nicely made.

Our wish boats on their voyage.

Jane on the steps leading down into the canal.

Yours truly clearly enjoying a bit of fireworks, about a second after this photo the fireworks went out due to my frantic waving for the photo.

An incredible painting in a popular bar in Xi Tang.

Xi Tang resident washing his.. green thing.

Jane playing with some mini pumpkins.

Scooter man pouting like a douche.

Xi Tang girl nomming on some beans.. disgusting taste by the way.

Bridge statue helping hold up a tree.

Duck boat

Xi Tang arcade.


26 Feb 2009

New Killy drawings

Here is Killy again, this time he is on a pottery painting date with the girl and Hank (below).. this date activity was chosen by Hank because of the obvious difficulties Killy will face.

This is Hank, big chisel jaw douchebag, who is chasing the same girl as Killy. However Hank is instead chasing her for the money in her bank.SPOILER ALERT: This is the burly stunt pig who was Matt Damon's stunt double in The 'Bourne' trilogy. The girl that Killy and Hank chase for the entire series finally falls in love with this pig. Killy and Hank then work together to get rid of him.. I might let Killy cook him, and then serve him to the girl, Hank and himself for dinner. Ala South Park when Cartman cooks some boy's parents into a chili and feeds them to him.

WOW: Champagne opener

Hate to steal Baxter's thunder, but this has to be seen to be believed!

Baxter mans up!

Baxter mans up! from Luke Allen on Vimeo.

24 Feb 2009

Tooncool FILMART posters

These are my final poster designs for the FILMART exhibition in Hong Kong.
Please comment on which is your favorite.
The credits font at the bottom is called 'Steeltongs' - very useful.

23 Feb 2009

New tagline for Mushroom Diandian poster

Thoughts? better or worse? suggestions are welcome!
Should it be "deny the odds" or "defeat the odds"?

20 Feb 2009

Fat Baxter

Noodles vs Noodles film poster

Here is my second poster for the Hong Kong Filmart exhibition in March.
This poster is for a series called 'Noodles vs Noodles' which was a huge success for Tooncool.
The series was animated by Tooncool's Guangzhou branch, and directed by Leo Huang.
I have redesigned the characters slightly, to make them more eye catching to the passerby, and also to fit in with the mock hollywood designs I am basing them on.
This poster is loosely based on the 'Shaolin Soccer' poster/dvd cover.

This is a still from the animated series, I have nothing against their design, in fact I think its the best series/design that Tooncool has produced to date.

This is my initial layout for the poster.

This is the girl outlined.

This is the final design (with mock reviews to add soon)

Featured on Live Free Blog Hard

Today, my blog was fortunate enough to be chosen by Robbie Vasquez to be reviewed on his new website'{Blogging } /Live Free Blog Hard/'.
Robbie chooses one blog of interest everyday and writes a constructive and entertaining review on its content and construction.
My blog scored a 7/10, which im more than happy about, his advice was to write more in my posts and add some more gadgets.
Thanks again to Robbie for the review.

Check out Live Free Blog Hard

My Mushroom Diandian film poster

This is my unfinished design for a Mushroom Diandian film poster which will be displayed at the Tooncool Digital booth at the 2009 Hong Kong Filmart exhibition.
I have two more posters to do, and I'll post all three when they are completed.

17 Feb 2009

The Chip

The Chip initial character design - These two are twin brothers believe it or not, identical before one of them became addicted to bionic body upgrades. No prizes for guessing which one.

TV proposal concept art

This is an early character design for a TV series proposal I have put together. Some of the staff here at Tooncool thought that it was a dragon!
This character is a Killer Whale who is caught for the mugging of a sea cucumber.. and in order to protect himself has snitched on a gang of drug dealing dolphins. He is therefore offered witness protection at 'OceanWorld', as long as he will perform daily until the case comes to court.

This is the title image for the second TV series proposal I had to create.
This series is based around a set of twin brothers who are both Kung-Fu champions, and after a bitterly fought finals, one of the brothers decides to begin using illegal methods to improve his physical ability.

8 Feb 2009

Phone pictures

The Diesel

Just a quick post to tell you a few small things that have happened.

The other day on the tube I was sitting downwind from a man whose breath smelled like diesel.
Jane broke some earrings in the Quicksilver shop and put them back on display before the assistants realized.
I played basketball with some friends, I arrived late so I was thrown into a game without having touched ball for a few years. First 3 shots were airballs, but I got my game back after that. Also got tripped up and hurt my knee.
Went to a very cosy little cafe to have a coffee and eat the handmade chocolates Jane and I had bought. Found out that there is a fine for not finishing your meal! Madness.
Finished season 4 of 'The Wire'. If you want to get your teeth into an amazing bit of drama, buy the 5 seasons of The Wire! Unforgettable characters, masterful screenwriting, a series that you never want to end.
Got partially deafened by a bottle of Coke's opening hiss.
Picked up my Lomo Smena 8M's latest black and white film prints. Some nice shots from Amsterdam, Shanghai and Nanjing.
Watched 'The Fall' (for the second time), 'Recount', 'Transsiberian' and 'Hotrod'.
Made a faux pas in a client meeting the other day, by being too creative.
Had an enjoyable 4 way conversation on Skype (despite being at 3am).
Read The Deadender's latest couple of pieces about firsts and the heavy snow in the uk.

Please also take a look at my brother's film review blog (imaginatively titled) - Guy Davis Film Review

2 Feb 2009

Daily character - Zhang Jiang box man

I am going to start drawing the most interesting/funny/weird person I see everyday, and this is the first of many to come.

I encountered this man just after having lunch, he was about 4ft 5in tall and was just exiting the Zhang Jiang tube station. He had on a small moss green (dry moss) blazer which looked about as comfortable as wearing hessian. His tongue was indeed poking out in this manner as was a select few teeth. He was carrying an extremely heavy looking box (in a bag) far above the ground, almost above his head for no apparent reason. He had a look of gleeful ignorance/stupidity in his eyes but his shuffle suggested he had been carrying the box for more than 48 hrs.

1 Feb 2009

Top 7 loves/hates of Shanghai

Top 7 Loves
£1 taxi fares
£1 DVDs
30p tube journeys
Instant soup supplied in dry cubed form
Vegetarian restaurants
Live NBA coverage
Up to date arcades

Top 7 Hates
Slow public walking pace
Destruction derby shopping trolley etiquette
Spitting in the train
Pre/Mid/Post-meal belching
Metallic purple long down jackets
Film and Internet censorship
Tube beggars

Top 10 films of 2008 (continually updated)

No Country For Old Men
(Ethan Coen, Joel Coen)

Slumdog Millionaire (Danny Boyle)

There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson)

Let The Right One In (Tomas Alfredson) *NEW*

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Guillermo del Toro)

The Fall (Tarsem Singh)

Cloverfield (Matt Reeves)

The Bands Visit (Eran Kolirin)

The Wrestler (Darren Aronofsky)

Hunger (Steve McQueen)

The Diving Bell and Butterfly (Julian Schnabel)

Not in any particular order