30 Jan 2009

The Re-Up

Welcome to my new blog, apologies for the lack of updates in January.. Wordpress is blocked in China so it was pretty awkward to get a post uploaded.
Unfortunately I haven't written everything down that has happened in the meantime but that might be a good thing as I'll only fill you in with the most memorable highlights.

In my last post I talked about my work situation, which has developed into more than reading comics, and I am now officially an executive producer at Tooncool. We are still working on the American project and are currently in negotiations over the contract. I have managed to make contact with an exciting new American music artist from Detroit called Apollo Brown who will hopefully create the title and credits soundtrack for the series.
In March I will be traveling to Hong Kong for a film exhibition called FILMART. Tooncool will have a booth here to make business contact with international networks. I am currently working on designing our booth/content which will include a DVD, bag, mini work bible, flash games, emoticons, screensavers, and best of all.. temporary stick on tattoos!
Shortly after my last post, Jane and I went to a cat adoption meeting (at an Irish pub) to have a look at the cats available.. after having a look around and being kind of warned off adopting a cat, we were leaving when Jane said she wanted to have a cat that day! A big suprise to me especially as Jane had not been a big fan of the idea. So I went back and after a quick call, we were on our way to pick up a cat who had been left behind by an Australian family.
So, I am now fostering a cat called Baxter, who is around 1 year old and was found when he was a stray kitten. He is incredibly active (compared to Phoebe), always running from end to end of my apartment, because I cannot let him outside. I am seriously considering adopting him, now that ive gotten used to his wild personality.
During a meal with Jane at 'Aisen Ramen' (a fast food Japanese restaurant), the waitress came to the table from behind me to serve tea to the table next to us. As she approached, the metal teapot she was carrying touched against my bare arm and burnt me. I jumped and shouted at her, but she merely smiled at me and shrugged. Jane asked what happened, and within a few minutes Jane was argueing with the manager in Chinese. The arguement stopped, and I asked if the meal was going to be free, Jane replied no, she is getting you some medical supplies for the burn! WHATTT, I'm not going to recieve medical attention from a waitress in the middle of a very busy restaurant, especially when I hadnt even been burnt. So I desperatly begged Jane to call off the medic, and instead have the cost of the meal halfed. In the end, I got both the medical attention (some kind of cream, and a bandage which I didnt use) and the half price meal. Terribly embarrasing.

I also had my ankle run over by a Taxi on the night of the office party, which thankfully didnt break.. also had a go on a bull riding game in a local bar owned by Yao Ming, and lit some fireworks for Chinese New Year.

More stories will gradually come back to me im sure, but for now ill keep it short and show you some pictures.
Please also take a look at my Shanghai map which I have marked with several places of interest. There is also a link on the right hand side of the page to the map.
A good friend of mine has been busy working as editor for a new satirical news website called The Deadender, which is absolutely hilarious, and is gaining momentum online everyday. Please tell your friends about the site and join in the debate over the article in the comments section.