15 Dec 2008

The Job

Despite having planned to spend my first month or two learning chinese, I found myself immediately involved in a major new project.. working with a famous american company. On the friday before my first day at work, I was called to go to work, where my boss and I spent the day talking over the project, he then asked me to spend the weekend coming up with the story for the series, and the unenviable task of solving many plot holes that had surfaced. Fortunately, I managed to come up with a solid story for the series, and I must give props to Guy, Jane and Ross who helped out a great deal with some of the holes.

This picture is a quick concept painting for one of the characters, but more so to propose the art direction to my boss, and eventually the american company working with us.

My first official week at work, was slightly bewildering as I was placed at a desk in the studio, with 4 large binders full of comics. My task for the week, read comics! No matter how much I enjoyed this past week, I had a nagging feeling of guilt that I was doing little, enjoying it and being paid to do so.
Met an english speaking writer who works on the desk next to me, seems to have incredibly similar opinions on film/music/politics/religion and art. He describes to me everyday how infuriating it is to be a writer in China, where ‘freedom of expression’ is not as the term suggests.

Next week’s work is creating a powerpoint presentation for the studio to help them understand the characters I have been ‘researching’ in the comics.

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