1 Dec 2008

The Flight

Hey again, sorry for the delay in writing the next post.. the last couple of days in the UK were non-stop. I arrived in Shanghai yesterday, after buying lots of gifts for Jane and her family in the airport.. I bought two bottles of Gledfiddich whiskey.. one for Jane’s dad (for helping me with getting an apartment sorted) and one for my new boss. $40 for two bottles of 12yr single malt.. I have no idea if thats a good price or not.

In the airport after doing my shopping, whilst waiting for the gate number I was sitting next to an asian man who was reading a Nuts joke book intently. When the gate number appeared I told him which it was, assuming he was going to Shanghai. 5 minutes later I am sat in the gate room and he comes in. We start talking about what we’re both doing in China and about the economy and 9/11 strangely. He shares my opinion on the events. Anyway we board the plane whilst chatting, and he asks what seat number im in.. I tell him and it turns out he is in the seat next to me, at the emergency exit seats (good legroom but a mountain of responsability). At this point im split between whether this chance coincidence is a good or bad thing - on the good side he seems cool, he’s got a ton of jokes, and appears to share my opinion on loads of subjects - on the bad side, (and ive expericed this once already on a plane) we hit a communication deadend and look like those awkward couples struggling through their first date, taking a sip of drink at every deadend. Thankfully this time was great, despite talking for approx. 6 hours straight non stop.. he was an incredibly interesting guy who shared a scary amount in common with me - a few examples.. we both havent seen our partners since July, both used to work with tropical fish, both are involved in graphics. The jokes as I expected came thick and fast every 5 minutes or so. After talking about Feng Shui for a while, which is incredibly interesting, he half agreed to ask his friend to check out my apartment for bad luck. Apparently this year you must have your bed as far east in your room as possible. West and North are very bad luck for business and health.

First night at Jane’s I had dinner with her mum and dad, nice food, although I can firmly state that I am not a fan of eating River Crab!.. @_@ The next day (today) I went shopping with Jane to the local mega-mall. We rode bikes there which I can now rank as no.6 in my top ten near death experiences! I followed Jane as we rode along the side of the road, then across the road and across 6 lanes of traffic and a highway junction.. I think I would have been safer closing my eyes and riding straight across! Jane of course rode across like you would in a park on a sunny afternoon, I survived the peril and we had lunch,. Later on, we came back (a quieter route thankfully) and watched some ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ (Series Six) with Jane.. amazing episode. I have to go now to prepare my documents for the health check tomorrow.

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