14 Dec 2008

The Apartment

Hi again, been a while since my last post but ill attempt to keep it as short as possible. The day after (or maybe a couple of days) my last post, I moved to Jing An district which is where I am living now. I live on the 4th floor, in a 2 br apartment, which as I mentioned in a much earlier post is situated right next door to a school.

On arrival, Jane’s dad showed me around and explained the various appliances. We then found the shortest route to the tube station, and I finished up doing a bit of shopping in the supermarket underground.

Unpacked most of my stuff and got the air con blasting out some 28 degree heat, although the weather is warmer than in the UK, almost all the housing has no central heating, so its all down to the air con and some valued sunshine in the morning.

That evening, I was milling around cleaning the entire place top to bottom and I had a knock at the door.. strange seeing as Jane was still at work and I certainly wasn’t expecting any relatives or friends to drop by. It turned out to be the security guard of these apartments who had gawped at my arrival just a few hours earlier.

She rambled off a bunch of chinese to me in some haste, which I of course replied to with “my chinese is very bad” (in chinese no less).. luckily my next door neighbor across the hall had heard the commotion and managed to translate for me.. “your air conditioner is on fire” after thanking her I sprinted and turned off the air con.. looking out the window I found that my machine had been smoking the neighbor’s smalls which had been drying on the clothes line.

The next morning, a couple of repairmen arrived and clambered out the window to fix the machine, the one climbing outside had a minimalist safety harness on, the other end of which was handed to his colleague who merely held it in his spare hand whilst sipping at a Kenco gold and watching the football that I’d put on to entertain them.

Last but not least we come to the question I had posed to Jane when she first found this fantastic place for such low rent… “why hasn’t it been taken yet?” .. the answer to which I woke to the first morning in my apartment. An incredibly loud voice boomed over the rock gig speaker set up.. which preceded a song that is played on repeat for at least 10 times. Shuffling across the floor like the undead, I peered out the window to find approximately 100 students lined up military fashion, doing stretches to the command of the mc. This starts at 7.30am and goes on for 30 mins every morning, which as terrible as it might first seem.. isn’t all that bad seeing as I get up at 7.30am for work… I will record the song for a future post, or maybe have loop endlessly when you visit the site.. so you too can enjoy the hit sounds of my neighborhood.

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